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Business Profiles & Video Client Testimonials

Business profile videos and Client Testimonials are videos that help new customers learn who you are as a brand and help create a bond between your business and new prospects that visit your website landing page. These videos help customers understand your business operations, mission statement, and how the services can help them. This video will help increase sales by showing social proof that your business is knowledgable within your industry and that helps prospects make a solid purchase decision when choosing your company.

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Business Profiles videos are a great way for new customers to see your operations visually and let them know how you can solve their problem. This video explains the history of the business, what services you offer, and helps break the ice for new prospects looking at choosing your services! If you  have a new or established business this is the package for you. This video can be placed on the first page of your website to help customers get a better sense of who you are as a business.

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Client testimonials are very powerful and can raise conversion rates with the help of existing customers truthful words and experiences. This package allows for two clients to be interviewed on camera and various shots of the location of the service. This video helps with social proof that your product/service is highly recommended. These video can be use as social media ads or placed on your website for customers to view before they purchase. 

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This package allows for - 4 individual testimonials that will be put together for large video and will also be produced as single individual videos.  Video production will also take place in various places around the business. These videos are great ways to establish trust! Now is the time to start using video testimonials on your website and social media platforms. Book your next client testimonial video today!