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It's time to start using videos

Tridon Visual Media is your one-stop shop for all your video production and video editing needs. We have years of experience helping brands and business tell their story with video and would love to take part in telling your story. We offer video production for social media advertising and website video content. If you need a professional looking video please don't hesitate to call 952-563-9941. We offer a wide range of services for video and would love to be a part your next project! Our clients image is our top priority and we want the best possible image for our clients!


Services we offer!

Social Media Videos - Video testimonials  - Business Profiles - Property Videos - Motion Graphics

Informational Videos - Event Recaps - Music Videos - Video Editing - Photography

Have project details you would like to share with us?


Creative Director Nate Rogness
Live True Yoga
Gym Profile  Video
Color Of Change Basketball Event
Dave Neville President of Infitiy Robotics
Drone Flights
RedBull Event
Bager Hill Brewery Video Shoot
Team Wells Real Estate
Crazy Lady Ink Tattoo
Training Camp Elliot Park
Dr. Hannah Chiropractic
Annie Meehan CSP
Lush Valley
Music Video - Badger Hill Brewery
Dr. hannah
CSP Annie Meehan
Creative Director Nate Rogness
Infinity Robotics Kawasaki
Highlight Video Elliot Park
Networking  Group

 2021 Photo & Video Studio Locations!

Studio 1
Studio 1

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Studio 2
Studio 2

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Studio 4
Studio 4

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Studio 1
Studio 1

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We have photo and video studio options available located throughout the Twin Cities area! Schedule your next video or photo session today with Tridon Visual Media and choose from any of the following locations above for your next  shoot. 

  Event  Videos

 We specialize in event recap videos that showcase your event and help promote future events!

We work with community organizers, event planners, and corporate events holders and can produce a recap video for your next event.

Weddings - Sporting Events - Grand Openings - Corporate  Events - Live Music Set Performances

Business Profiles & Testimonials

Business profiles are videos that let new customers see who you are as a brand. This is a popular package for start-up companies and organizations that want to target their clients with an in depth video about your services.  Speak about our services and break the ice with new prospects by sharing videos like these! This package is created for website landing pages and social media pages.

    Social Media Videos - Sponsored Ads

Promote your services and products with informational videos that draw in more customers and create brand awareness!

Showcase your products functionality, inform customers about upcoming sales deals, and advertise these videos on social media or your website.

We offer these video as a solo package or a monthly deal for you to have as much content as you need.